Unique Programs

Specialised programs are offered to students who demonstrate high level skills and abilities in their area of interest. We value every student’s contribution to our school, and seek to have each individual student exit our school feeling that they have been challenged, nurtured and influenced by our community that values life-long learning.

Scholarship Program

These programs are available to students in Year 8 with talents in the areas of sport, academic and cultural. Students apply a place in the scholarship program when enrolling in Year 8.

Health and Physical Education Extension -  High Performance Sport

High performance is about developing an attitude and mindset to do the extra that others choose not to. Students will participate in a wide variety of physical performance activities designed to promote improvement of specific physical / mental capacities and attributes, test and improve personal fitness levels, build team work and communication skills. Physical performance activities will utilize facilities within the school and the local community to provide exciting challenges for students. Key theoretical concepts relating to exercise science, biomechanics, sports psychology and sports nutrition will be incorporated into the physical performance activities to promote understanding about why things are done in specific ways to optimize performance.

Instrumental music program

This program broadens the musical, intellectual and cultural horizons of our students as well as fostering self-esteem, confidence and team work. Being part of the Instrumental Music program enables students to have a powerful means of expression and communication. Students learn orchestral or band instruments through instruction on a group basis and are extended through participation in school bands. Our Instrumental Music students have many performance opportunities such as: school concerts, Awards Night, primary school performances and workshops, community events, eisteddfods, Fanfare Competition, and can be involved as accompaniment for the school musical.


Beaudesert State High School is proud of its sporting traditions and success.  From Year 8 students proudly winning a lunchtime competition to our Australian representatives, our sport program caters for all.

Recreation activities allow students to develop a lifelong appreciation of the need to include activity in their daily lives.  From walking to yoga to skateboarding, every student’s interests are covered. These are run during timetabled sport lessons.

School sport involves competing against other teams in traditional sports such as soccer, basketball or team handball.  These are run during timetabled sport lessons and also organized at lunch times by the Year 12 Sports Committee.

The sports excellence program allows students to represent the school, district, South Coast, Queensland and Australia.   Students receive quality coaching from our teachers and participate in selected competitions both in and out of school time.  In 2014, our focus will be on Athletics, Touch Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby League, Cricket, Futsal and Triathlon.

Each term the four houses, Cunningham, Fraser, Kennedy and Leichhardt go head to head in competition:

  • Term 1: Swimming
  • Term 1: Cross Country
  • Term 2: Athletics
  • Term 3: Inter-house Challenge (Sports)

This keen rivalry sees the houses also compete in the fashion stakes and cheerleading.

Sport Houses
















Culture and the Arts

Beaudesert State High School offers a comprehensive cultural/arts program. It includes:

Instrumental Music: Our instrumental program is the best in the Logan/Beaudesert District. Students elect to attend weekly lessons in woodwind, brass, percussion or strings. They are then expected to participate in Concert Band or Stage Band. Performances at local events, competitions and official school occasions instill confidence and encourage improvement. The school stage band is highly regarded within South East Queensland and a number of students involved in our instrumental program have gained places in the State Honours Band and Ministers Awards of Excellence (MOST). Each ensemble does a number of performances a year and our Stage Band go on tour every second year.

Creative Generation, State Schools Onstage: Since 2006 we have participated in Education Queensland’s large scale combined performance. Students from Year 8 to 12 can audition in vocal, dance or instrumental. Selected students then attend rehearsals in Brisbane. In 2013 the Performance featured nearly 1400 students at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and was aired on Channel Ten. Students gain a world of experience from this event.

Choreography Competition: Students with an interest in Dance can enter this lunch time competition in Term 4. Students are invited to create and perform their own dance. Winners in each category are invited to perform on Arts Night.

Japan Tour: Students who study Japanese have the opportunity every two years to travel to Japan to experience the language and culture of that country first-hand. Other extra- curricular activities include a restaurant trip and Japanese lunches.

Debating: Beaudesert State High School has a long history of successful debating teams. Students from all year levels can participate in Debating through either intra-school or inter- school competitions.  As members of a Debating Team, students develop skills in research, collaboration, presentation and confidence, as they work together in a team with fellow students and staff. The ENABLE Debating competition, an initiative of the ENABLE schools network of the greater Logan, Albert and Beaudesert Region, runs through Autumn and Winter. Our school won the Junior division of this competition in 2011 and 2012. Our senior debating team won this competition in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Agricultural Science

The course focuses on the learning areas of Knowledge, Problem Solving and Communication in an agricultural context. Learning is delivered through a well-resourced school farm with a modern glasshouse, additional farming area on the outskirts of Beaudesert and a computer laboratory.

Upon completion of this Course, students will have developed: Knowledge and understanding of a range of agricultural practices

A range of communication and problem solving skills and techniques employed in agriculture

Knowledge  and  application  of  technology    (eg,  simulations,  data  bases,  spreadsheets,  presentations,  online services) relevant in agriculture

Appreciation of the role that responsible farming and agricultural science play in Australian society

Skills  and  techniques  that  will  be  useful  in  a  range  of  tertiary  courses  in  agriculture  and  biological/ecological sciences (eg. at the University of Queensland – both St. Lucia and Gatton campuses - and Griffith University)



There are no prerequisite requirements to studying Agricultural Science although students who achieve a C Rating in either Science or Agricultural Science in Year 10 are likely to be more successful. Use of computers (for word processing, spreadsheeting, data analysis) in this course is increasing and therefore student participation in the school’s laptop scheme is highly recommended.


The study workload in Agricultural Science is not excessive but students will be required to submit small assessment items (eg. practical reports) from time to time. One major assignment/scientific report is required each semester. Some teacher assistance is provided in the completion of these assessment items.


The following topics will be the main focus of the Course:

  1. Introduction to agricultural systems and agricultural careers
  2. Natural Resources Management: Climate in Agriculture, Soil Science, Landcare
  3. Plant  Science  &  Production:  Plant  structure  &  Physiology,  Plant  growth,  reproduction  &  propagation,  Crop production, protection & improvement
  4. Appreciation of the role that responsible farming and agricultural science play in Australian society
  5. Skills  and  techniques  that  will  be  useful  in  a  range  of  tertiary  courses  in  agriculture  and  biological/ecological
    sciences (eg. at the University of Queensland – both St. Lucia and Gatton campuses - and Griffith University).
    Practical work with livestock (sheep, cattle, poultry) and plants (vegetables, citrus, nursery) will be conducted as required. Use of the Agriculture Department computer laboratory will occur when appropriate for the purposes of research, information processing and presentation of reports and other assessment items.


Students will be assessed each Semester through a range of the following methods:

  • Formal Tests
  • Assignments
  • Group oral presentations
  • Experiment & Practical Reports


Agricultural Science not only leads to tertiary studies but also provides good preparation for a range of employment areas. Graduating students are well-prepared for university in the areas of knowledge, problem solving and communication. Many university courses accept Agricultural Science as an alternative to Biological Science in their lists of recommended courses. Students leaving school for employment or further education (eg TAFE, Rural Training Colleges) will gain valuable skills and experiences for these pathways. Also, Agricultural Science will provide invaluable experiences that will be useful in later life in hobbies and recreational pursuits.

Certificate 2 Sport Coaching – SIS20510


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in assisting senior coaches in the planning and implementation of instruction for a range of sports.


This subject is suitable for those students who enjoyed participating in HPE Year 10.

Please note that due to the nature of this qualification, every student must apply for or already have a ‘Working with Children Blue Card’ before enrolment will be finalised. It is a mandatory requirement and formal instruction cannot take place without a Blue Card.


To achieve this qualification, the student must demonstrate competency in completing 13 units of competency involving 6 core units plus 7 elective units. Certificate 2 in Sports Coaching is a nationally recognised qualification. Students need to be deemed competent in all of the following units to achieve this.

Theoretical aspects are integrated into physical activities.  This means that students will NOT only do theory and practical lessons but be involved in lessons that may involve both physical activity and tasks covering the core content.  For at least 60% of the course, students will be involved in physical activity.

Students will participate in physical activities: athletics, basketball, netball, rugby league, first aid and lifesaving.
Certificate 2 in Sports Coaching – SIS20510

BSBWOR202A Organise and complete daily work activities
HLTFA301B       Apply first aid
SISSCGP201A  Apply legal and ethical coaching practices
SISXCAI102A    Assist in preparing and conducting sport and recreation sessions
SISXIND101A   Work effectively in sport and recreation environments
SISXOHS101A  Follow occupational health and safety policies

SISSATH201A   Teach the fundamental skills of athletics
SISSBSB201A   Teach fundamental basketball skills
SISSBSB202A   Teach fundamental basketball tactics and game strategy
SISSSPT201A    Implement sports injury prevention
SISCCRO301A  Assist with recreation games not requiring equipment
SISXCAI101A    Provide equipment for activities
SISSRGL204A   Teach the skills of Rugby League for modified games
SISSPT302A      Provide initial management of sports injuries
SISSAFL203A    Participate in conditioning for Australian Football
SISAQU202A    Perform basic water rescues
SISSOGP301A  Conduct games and competitions
Elective units studied are subject to teacher availability.  Correct at time of publication but subject to change.

An integral part of this course is involvement with school classes/teams, school carnivals and community groups.  This could be in the form of coaching, officiating or organising tournaments.  This may take the form of work experience in student’s own time. Students will be encouraged to become involved with junior sporting clubs as officials or coaches.

Students will have the opportunity to achieve: Senior First Aid Certificate; Bronze Medallion in Pool Lifesaving; and Coaching /officiating qualifications. There will be additional costs to students completing the full qualification of the Senior First Aid and Bronze Medallion in Pool Lifesaving.


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