Student Leadership

Student Awards Scheme

The Student Award Scheme was introduced in 1994 with the aim of encouraging student success and participation across the school.

The scheme is underpinned by the ‘personal best’ values of learning, engagement and relationships, and seeks to reward:

  • Student excellence
  • Best efforts
  • Student cooperation
  • Significant student responsibility
  • Consistent effort
  • Student attendance
  • Student involvement in extra-curricular events

Students may be awarded a certificate for performance such as:

  • Assignment work of an exceptional nature
  • Good result in a test
  • Voluntary work, eg Red Cross school collection
  • Participation in academic competitions
  • Involvement in inter-school teams for sport or debating
  • Helping the school community in some special way

There are five levels of certificate which accrue while a student is enrolled at Beaudesert State High School:

  1. Merit Award – awarded by teachers in class or in a team or individual circumstances.
  2. Department  Award  –  issued  by  the  Head  of  Department  once  a  student  has received five Merit Awards in that department.
  3. Head of House Award – awarded to students who have four Department Awards, at least three being from different departments.
  4. Principal’s Award – awarded to students at Awards Night who have received three Head of House awards.
  5. Regional  Director’s  Award  –  awarded  to  students  at  Awards  Night  who  have received two Principal’s Awards.

Where possible, presentations to students are done publicly.

Students are able to use their awards to enter into prize draws with the chance to win various prizes (eg Ipod) during the year. Tickets for the prize draw can be lodged at the school library.

Year Eleven Leadership Program

The Year Eleven Leadership Program (YELP) at Beaudesert State High School is an initiative with two main purposes. They are:
a)   aiding new Year 8 students in the transition process from primary school to high school; whilst
b)   building and developing leadership qualities and skills in students in the senior phase of learning

Year 11 students undergo a rigorous nomination process where they are required to apply for the position of YELP Leader. Once selected, successful applicants undertake training which develops their leadership skills. In addition it provides them with essential tools that they will use in their interactions in the middle school.

At the commencement of the new academic year, YELP Leaders are assigned to a Year 8 form class. From here YELP Leaders, together with their respective form teachers, design and deliver lessons for their form classes. The purpose of these lessons is to focus on the use of group activities to build self awareness, group cohesion and familiarity with the year eight’s new educational environment. The Year 11 Leadership Program aims to provide every Year 8 student with the basic tools to survive and thrive at high school.

Student Council

At  Beaudesert State High  School there  is a strong tradition of Student Representative Council activity, with involvement and support for the Council coming from both students and staff. The Student Council promotes worthwhile projects, sets up social activities, and strives to create enthusiasm for all school events. One of the chief roles of Student Council members is to organize events that call for participation of the other students in the school. These events help in bringing out the hidden talents found in our diverse range of students.

To be a positive and effective body of students all members of the Council must display exemplary behaviour, a positive attitude, and encourage all students to have pride in their school, their uniform and each other.

The Student Council is an elected body consisting of 26 students. The SRC provides an opportunity for any interested student with leadership qualities to run for any of the following  positions:  School  Captain,  Committee Chairperson  or  Year  Representative. Students wishing to run for a position on Student Council self-nominate and go through a stringent selection process. Elections for School Captains, Committee Chairpersons and Year Representative elections are all held in October each year, while Year 8 representatives are elected in the February of the following year.

Committees are:


Fundraising events and social activities


Student run café


School beautification


Awards night and senior formal




Awareness of various cultures within our school including the Indigenous students & exchange students


sporting carnivals and lunchtime activities

Major projects and accomplishments of the BSHS Student Representative Council include supporting charities (Shave for a Cure, Guide Dogs, RSPCA and the Forty Hour Famine), sponsoring Hemedi who attends the Amani School in Tanzania, and supporting our school- based Chaplain. Other major school based projects are also supported during the year.

2017 Student Leaders

School Captains

Madeleine Johnston & Tom Cheevers

Senior School Vice Captain

Emily Neuendorff & Zac Carroll

Junior School Vice Captain

Brooke Heit & Aidan Hill


House Captains



House Captain

Riley Day

Reef Becerra

House Captain

Caitlin Johnston

Ryan Hanser

Senior House

Billy Currie

Senior House

Dylan Joy

Vice Captains

Dakota Connolly

Vice Captains

Lucinda Filippe

Junior House

Noah Carroll

Junior House

Aydan Joku

Vice Captains

Sophie Cahill

Vice Captains

Emma Hardy



House Captain

Lorian McConnell

 Josh Ludwig

House Captain

Layne Williams

Hamish Tilney

Senior House

Robert Pendreigh

Senior House

Codi Roberts

Vice Captains

Jade McKenzie

Vice Captains

Roschanna Snow

Junior House

Josh Nicholson

Junior House

Phoenix Senhenn

Vice Captains

Jessica O'Reilly

Vice Captains

Sophie Williamson


Committee Chairs

Formal Committee

Jenayah Locksley

Senior Café Committee

Jess Steed

Fundraising Committee

Monique Horstmann

Activities Committee

Kaelah Wigan

Sports Committee

Matila Betts





Students from left to right

Zac Carroll, Brooke Heit, Aidan Hill, Emily Neuendorff, Madeleine Johnston and Tom Cheevers







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