Administration & Staff




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Alan Smith

Deputy Principal (Year 7, 8, 9)

Sheryl Healy

Deputy Principal (Year 7, 8, 9)

Damian O’Brien

Deputy Principal (Years 10, 11, 12)

Greg Hanrahan

Deputy Principal (Years 10, 11, 12)

Kate Jorgensen

Acting Deputy Principal (Learning Diversity)

Todd Winton

Business Manager

Dawn Reeves



Heads of Departments



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Agriculture & Industrial Technology

Kate Bandrowski


Mandy DeVivo

Home Economics & LOTE

Helen Philp


Petra Veverka

Information Technology

Kerry Scarth


Chris Bermingham

Physical Education

Anna Savage


Keith Tyrrell

Senior Schooling

Matt Reeves

Student Support Services

Sam Cusworth

Teaching & Learning

Sally-Ann Martin

Visual & Performing Arts

Kerry Scarth



Year Level Coordinators

Year Level


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Year 7

Milli Grujich
Richard Boon

Year 8

Renae Roberts

Year 9

Danielle Tecarr

Year 10

Kim Uhlmann

Year 11

Kerrie East

Year 12

Christie Carmichael


Student Welfare Team



e-mail address

Guidance Officers

Anne Foote
Thomas Cleary

School Nurse

Narelle Walton

Youth Support Coordinator

Scott Weston

School Chaplain

Jade Cocks

Community Education Counsellor

Rita Moore

Behaviour Advisory Teacher

Vicki Robinson


Contacting members of staff
It is necessary to make appointments to see the above-listed personnel as they may not be available at other times.

  • The Principal
  • The Deputy Principals
  • Year Co-ordinators are available to discuss issues of concern. General enquiries should be directed to the Year Co-ordinator in the first instance.
  • Heads of Department are responsible for curriculum delivery, assessment and behaviour management.
  • Teachers are responsible for the classroom program being taught to your child. Concerns regarding your child’s performance would be best discussed with the classroom teacher.
  • The Business Services Manager should be contacted regarding any financial matters.
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